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Product Features:

    Features:1: Made of plush material, it is very warm and easy to clean.2: The nest comes with a buckle which can easily fix the nest in the cage.3: It is warm and comfortable, simple and elegant.Parameters:Name: New Flannel Bread Shaped NestSize(approx.): S: 14*12cm/5.51*4.72in (It is suitable for hamsters, Syrian hamster, sugar glider, mini hedgehogs, etc.and other small pets.) ; weight: 40g M: 17*15cm/6.69*5.91in (It is suitable for 2 pieces of sugar glider, squirrels, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, flying squirrels, rats, etc.small and medium-sized pets.) ; weight: 80g L: 22*21cm/8.66*8.27in (It is suitable for adult squirrel, adult hedgehog, guinea pig, chinchilla, lop rabbit, etc.and other large pets.) ; weight: 140g Product material: flannel + cotton linter + high elastic spongeRecommended for pets: hamster, hedgehog, chinchilla, bunny, guinea pig, squirrelProduct description: Super soft flannel has a high warm index. The nest is comfortable and soft. The overall design is simple and elegant.Packing List:Small pet nest*1❤ Material: flannel + cotton linter + high elastic sponge.❤ Made of plush material, it is very warm and easy to clean.❤ The nest comes with a buckle which can easily fix the nest in the cage.❤ It is warm and comfortable, simple and elegant.❤ Size(approx.): S: 14*12cm/5.51*4.72in…
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Product Description

1: Made of plush material, it is very warm and easy to clean.
2: The nest comes with a buckle which can easily fix the nest in the cage.
3: It is warm and comfortable, simple and elegant.

Name: New Flannel Bread Shaped Nest
S: 14*12cm/5.51*4.72in (It is suitable for hamsters, Syrian hamster, sugar glider, mini hedgehogs, etc.and other small pets.) ; weight: 40g 
M: 17*15cm/6.69*5.91in (It is suitable for 2 pieces of sugar glider, squirrels, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, flying squirrels, rats, etc.small and medium-sized pets.) ; weight: 80g 
L: 22*21cm/8.66*8.27in (It is suitable for adult squirrel, adult hedgehog, guinea pig, chinchilla, lop rabbit, etc.and other large pets.) ; weight: 140g 
Product material: flannel + cotton linter + high elastic sponge
Recommended for pets: hamster, hedgehog, chinchilla, bunny, guinea pig, squirrel
Product description: Super soft flannel has a high warm index. The nest is comfortable and soft. The overall design is simple and elegant.

Packing List:
Small pet nest*1

Product Features

  • ❤ Material: flannel + cotton linter + high elastic sponge.
  • ❤ Made of plush material, it is very warm and easy to clean.
  • ❤ The nest comes with a buckle which can easily fix the nest in the cage.
  • ❤ It is warm and comfortable, simple and elegant.
  • ❤ Size(approx.): S: 14*12cm/5.51*4.72in (It is suitable for hamsters, Syrian hamster, sugar glider, mini hedgehogs, etc.and other small pets.) ; weight: 40g M: 17*15cm/6.69*5.91in (It is suitable for 2 pieces of sugar glider, squirrels, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, flying squirrels, rats, etc.small and medium-sized pets.) ; weight: 80g L: 22*21cm/8.66*8.27in (It is suitable for adult squirrel, adult hedgehog, guinea pig, chinchilla, lop rabbit, etc.and other large pets.) ; weight: 140g.