Tuesday , July 23rd 2019
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Lorchwise Pure Natural Grass Corn Skin Hand-Woven Rabbit Nest – Seagrass Toy – Slipper Nest

Lorchwise Pure Natural Grass Corn Skin Hand-Woven

Features:1. Natural mountain straw, healthy and pollution-free, to ensure the safety of pets.2. The straw sleeping house is hand-made, fine workmanship and durable.3. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, spacious and comfortable, for you pet sleeping.4. It has the function of playing games, biting, grinding and relieve emotions.5. Applicable: rabbit, hamster, guinea pig and so on.Parameters:Size and weight: (approx.)Square house: length: 30cm/11.81in; width: 20cm/7.87in; height: 20cm/7.87in; weight: 500gTunnel socket: length: 23cm/9.06in; width: 20cm/7.87in; height: 16cm/6.3in; weight: 400gSlipper nest: length: 27cm/10.63in; width: 20cm/7.87in; height: 15cm/5.91in; weight: 500gMaterial: Square nest, tunnel nest: straw; slipper nest: corn huskList:1* pet grass nestWarm tips:1. Hand-knitted, slight size error.2. Storage advice: natural hay does not add preservatives, more sun, ventilation, can avoid mold.Corn husk does not add preservatives, healthy and non-toxicThis handmade woven grass activity center for your small pet…

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